Our Most Recent Worship Bulletin


Wesley Charge /  The United Methodist Church

Centenary                  9:30 A.M.   301-722-0383

Pastor Marjorie Hurder

Pastor’s Cell: 601-310-9922

E-mail: marjoriehurder@gmail.com

October 4th. 2020

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost



*CHORAL CALL TO WORSHIP   “This Is the Day”                         657


L: Welcome to God’s house, a place of faith.
P: From our homes, we come seeking God’s word.
L: Here you will find nourishment and hope.
P: May we learn lessons of courage and peace.
L: Here you will find rest from your struggles
P: Lord, prepare our hearts to receive your words that we may leave this holy house of faith and return to our homes, encouraged and challenged to be your people. AMEN.


No matter how righteous we imagine ourselves to be, Lord, your perfect word reveals our imperfections all too clearly. No matter how hard we strive to fulfill the requirements of your law, we always fall short. We have forgotten that righteousness and perfection come not from rules and regulations but from faith. We have ignored the truth that your righteousness comes from faith. Open our eyes to see that all we have accomplished is nothing compared to knowing Christ as our Lord. Let us count everything as loss, that we might gain heaven and be found blameless in Christ. In the name of the Savior we pray. Amen.


ASSURANCE AND PARDON                                                                                                         MUSIC MINISTRY

CHORUS                           “Spirit of the Living God”                        

SCRIPTURE                                        Matthew 21:33-46

Philippians 3:4-14                              SERMON                                                                       

SILENT REFLECTION                                                                                                     

GIVING OF TITHES AND OFFERINGS                            *DOXOLOGY                 95                   


*CHORAL BENEDICTION                Go Now in Peace                  665




*          *          *          *          *

* Please stand in body or spirit.

Organist                                                                                 Ginger Huff

Choir Director                                                                    Debbie Collins

Lay Leader                                                                  Homer Hardinger



Worship Reminders

Keep your mask on over your nose and mouth at all times

Sit in the pews left available, at least 6 ft apart

Remember to sanitize hands

Pray for patience, fortitude, and healing in this time

We are blessed to care for one another!